Setting Up 4Freedom Secure SIM (Android)

Step by Step Instructions

android 01

Step 1

First, insert the SIM card into the device.

Step 2

Go to Settings Select Network & internet

android 02
android 03

Step 3

Select Mobile network

Step 4

Activate Mobile data

android 04
android 05

Step 5

Activate Roaming

Step 6

If you see a pop-up, click ‘OK’

If you have a US & European SIM card, please skip to Step 15

android 06
android 07

Step 7

Once Mobile Data and Roaming are activated,

Tap Advanced, near the bottom of the screen

Step 8

After tapping Advanced,

Scroll down until Access Point Names is visible

Select Access Point Names

android 08
android 09

Step 9

On APNs screen

Tap the + symbol in the top-right of the screen

to add a new APN

Step 10

Enter a Name for the APN

You can give the APN whatever Name you want

android 10
android 11

Step 11

Tap APN and enter either globaldata or tn1. Both of these work. 
For the US & European SIM card the APN “internet” should already be set for you. If for some reason it has not been automatically set, then please set it. 

Step 12

After entering Name and APN

Pls be sure to save the new APN you created

android 12
android 13

Step 13

To save the APN,

Tap the 3 vertical dots in the top-right corner

A menu should appear

Tap Save

Step 14

After saving the new APN,

Exit out of the APNs menu

by tapping the arrow in the top-left corner

android 14
android 15

Step 15

To test the connection to the mobile network,

Deactivate WiFi (if it has been activated)

Step 16

At the top right of the screen,

Signal strength should be visible

And you should see 5G, 4G+, 4G or LTE

If you see a small capital letter ‘R’,

please ignore it.

android 15
android 15

Step 17

If at the top right of the screen,

Signal strength is not visible or is very low,

Or if you see 3G,

Most likely your device has not yet updated its connection settings.

Please turn the device off for 60 seconds

And then turn it back on again.

This will cause the device to re-register on the networks, and you should see 5G or 4G LTE appear.

Step 18

Finally, you may test that connectivity

Is working well by opening a browser and

Going to 4freedommobile.com

If the site loads quickly, then the 4Freedom Mobile SIM card is working correctly.


Screenshot 20230623 094009 Chrome[10092]

Please wait while 4Freedom processes your request.

To use 4Freedom Mobile, please Get a SIM.

Without a 4Freedom SIM, you will be unable to use 4Freedom  Mobile.