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Quick Start Guide

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4Freedom Secure Phone Pro

Welcome to the 4Freedom OS

Your mobile device is powered by the 4Freedom OS that provides unparalleled levels of user security. This guide will help you set up your device for the first time.


  • Internet Connection (WiFi preferably)
  • At least 33% battery charge

What’s in the box

Your 4Freedom Secure Phone Pro comes with all the essentials you need to start your secure experience off right.  Every box includes:

  • 4Freedom Secure Phone Pro device
  • USB cable type-C
  • International traveller 20w fast charger
  • Grip enhancing phone case
  • SIM ejector tool
  • Screen protector (including dry and wet wipes for seamless application on the screen)


device layout 1
device layout 2


Please complete the following steps BEFORE installing your SIM card.

1. Press and hold the power button to turn on your device.

2. Select your preferred language from the dropdown menu. Then tap Next at the bottom of the screen.

3. Connect the device to the internet using WiFi. Once connected, tap the back arrow to go back to the previous menu then and tap Next.

4. Log into your phone using the login credentials you just created.

  • Username: 1234567890@voltaphone.me (where the number in front of the @ sign is your 4Freedom Private Number)
  • Passord: your 4Freedom password

5. After you log in the first time, your phone will download information from our secure server and then reboot.

6. After the reboot completes, select your preferred screen lock method – PIN or Password.

7. Type your Lock Screen PIN/Password and re-type it to confirm.

8. You will then see the apps being downloaded to your device. You can tap ‘Next’, and the apps will continue to download in the background.


  • If during the set-up process a pop-up appears asking you to allow apps to access your network, please approve that access. Later you can change app access rights in Settings.

Update the OS

4Freedom is constantly updating the 4Freedom OS to make it more secure and easier to use.

Before using your phone, please update the OS:

1. You will likely see a notification to update your OS. Please download and install this update.

2. If you do not see an OS update notification, then swipe down from the top of the screen

2. Tap on the OS Update

3. Approve downloading the OS update

4. Install the OS update

After the OS update completes, your phone will reboot. Please enter your PIN or password to unlock the phone and use it. 

Now you can install your 4Freedom SIM card.

SIM Card Installation

sim installation
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Activating Your 4Freedom Secure SIM

Log into the 4Freedom App

While still connected to WiFi, log into the 4Freedom App using your 4Freedom Private Number and Password.

Activate Your SIM Card

While logged into the 4Freedom App, go to Settings and tap My Account.

Then tap Manage SIM. Next to your SIM card, tap the button “Activate” and follow any instructions.

Exit My Account and exit the 4Freedom App.

If you are using any 4Freedom Secure SIM, other than the US & Europe SIM Card, then you will need to configure your phone to connect securely to the 4Freedom Secure Mobile Network. you can do so by following the instructions here.


Setting up the Volta Vault and Calendar Apps

Before changing modes for the first time, you should go ahead and set up your passwords for the 4Freedom Vault app and the 4Freedom Calendar app.

Please open each app and type in a new password.

This password does not have to be the same password as the one used on your 4Freedom account. These passwords will keep your Vault and Calendar apps completely secure.

Changing Phone Modes

Up until now, everything you have done has been in the Pro Mode. Now it is time to complete set up of the 4Freedom OS standard mode.

To switch modes and set up the 4Freedom OS standard mode, please:

1. Tap and hold the power button until a menu appears.

2. A menu will appear with the option to “Switch OS”. Please select that option.

3. Your phone will reboot in the 4FreedomOS standard mode.

4. To begin using your 4Freedom phone in standard mode, you will need to log into your 4Freedom App.

Note: If you are using any 4Freedom Secure SIM, other than the US & Europe SIM Card, then please configure your phone to connect securely to the 4Freedom Secure Mobile Network using the same instructions you followed in the Pro mode.


Please note that each time you will switch modes, you will have to re-log into the 4Freedom App in the new mode. While this may be inconvenient, it is for your security.

Moving Contacts to your
4Freedom Secure phone pro

To move your contacts from your old mobile phone to your new 4Freedom Secure Phone Pro, you will need to export your contacts as a .vcf file, transfer that file to your computer and then download that file onto your 4Freedom Secure Phone Pro by connecting your 4Freedom Secure Phone Pro to your computer using the provided USB cable while the phone will be in the standard mode.

Then just open the Contacts app and select the option to import a .vcf file.

If that seems a little too complicated, there are a number of 3rd-party services you can use to transfer your contacts and files to your new 4Freedom phone. 

To use your contacts in the Pro mode, please save your vcf file to the Vault app in standard mode. Then switch to the Pro mode and open the Vault app.

Save your vcf file to your regular file manager in Pro mode. Then open the Contacts app in Pro mode, and you will be able to import your vcf file in the Pro mode.

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Screen Protector Installation

Each device comes with a pre-applied protector that helps you to prevent screen scratches. The pre-applied screen will not prevent screen cracks from physical damage. It was applied just to protect the screen in transit.

To protect the screen against physical damage, make sure to apply the screen protector that comes additionally inside the package. To do that,


  • First remove the thin pre-applied screen protector.
  • Then use the wet wipe to clear the surface.
  • Use the dry wipe after to ensure dryness of the surface.
  • Once you ensure that the screen is dry and completely clean, you can apply your new screen protector.


Besides providing a strong protection against screen damage, the screen protector will also enhance your privacy by restricting visual access, ensuring that only you are able to see what’s on your screen.

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Please observe the following safety guidelines when using your 4Freedom mobile device:

Operating Temperature

Do not store your device at temperatures lower than -20°C or higher than 55°C, even if the device is turned off. Do not use your device at temperatures lower than -10°C or higher than 45°C.

In-Vehicle Use

Always stay in compliance with local traffic laws and regulations regarding mobile phone use while operating a vehicle. Do not rest your device on top of an airbag. Always secure your device while in a moving vehicle.

Airport and In-Air Use

Your device can safely pass through X-ray machines at airport security. While in flight, follow all posted and verbal instructions regarding safe in-air use of mobile devices.

Hazardous Environments

Do not use your device in areas where a spark may ignite a fire or explosion. Follow posted signs regarding safe mobile phone use.

Use Near Medical Devices

Your device emits electronic fields as part of normal operation. These fields may interfere with medical devices such as pacemakers. Consult with the medical device manufacturer and/or your physician regarding the safe use of your device near medical equipment.

Safe Volume

To prevent possible hearing loss, do not listen to audio on your device at high volume levels for prolonged periods of time.

Preventing damage

Use only the power adapter provided with your 4Freedom mobile device. The supplied charger is compatible with most power sockets and can be used globally. Use a USB Type-C cable to connect to your device.

Avoid exposing your device to liquids or heat sources. These may cause considerable damage to your device or cause the battery to explode.

Handle your device with care. Dropping your device may crack the display or cause other internal damage.

Do not attempt to open the back panel or replace the battery of your 4Freedom mobile device. Such procedures should be performed only by authorized repair centers. Attempting to open the back panel or replacing the battery will void the warranty of your device.

correct disposal

Your 4Freedom mobile device and/or its battery must be disposed of separately from household waste and in compliance with local laws and regulations.

limited warranty

4Freedom mobile devices purchased through authorized sales channels come with a limited warranty.

The duration of this warranty is dependent on the original country or region of purchase and is only redeemable within the original country or region.

Unless otherwise specified, this warranty covers the product’s hardware components as originally supplied and does not cover, or partially covers, software, consumable items, or accessories, even if packaged or sold together with the product.

The limited warranty only covers functional defects of the product caused by workmanship or build materials.

Please wait while 4Freedom processes your request.

To use 4Freedom Mobile, please Get a SIM.

Without a 4Freedom SIM, you will be unable to use 4Freedom  Mobile.