Stop Google and Apple Tracking Your Every Move

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Get the 4Freedom Secure Phone

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4Freedom Secure Phone

Secure Hardware
Security hardened custom hardware design with a controlled manufacturing process ensures no Zero Day hardware attacks are possible.

Secure OS
The 4Freedom OS is a de-Googled version of the Android mobile operating system without any Google apps or Google services.

Trusted Software Updates
Security and UI improvement updates issued and digitally signed exclusively from 4Freedom. Devices apply updates only after verifying the authenticity of the digital signature.

Limitless Functionality
Download your favorite apps without Google, Apple, or anyone else tracking your downloads through their app store.

4Freedom Secure Phone Pro

4Freedom Pro Mode
Same hardware and standard 4Freedom OS for all your normal activity. Then enter your secure personal code, and the phone will re-boot into 4Freedom Pro Mode.

Completely Separate
4Freedom Pro Mode is a completely separated OS environment from the regular OS. No apps or anything else you have downloaded in the regular 4Freedom OS can track anything you do in 4Freedom Pro Mode, giving you the ultimate level of privacy and security for communications, crypto transactions and more!

4Freedom Vault
An encrypted file storage system with its own password only accessible in 4Freedom Pro Mode.

4Freedom Calendar
An encrypted calendar with its own password only accessible in 4Freedom Pro Mode.

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6.53″ Full HD+ screen for great visual experience


Four cameras, including 48MP ultra high-resolution main camera, 120-degree ultra wide-angle camera, depth sensing camera, and high-resolution 25MP front camera for superb image quality


Highly efficient and durable Octa-core CPU


128GB storage space to store what’s important with encrypted local disk storageĀ 

SIM Support

Up to 2 SIM cards or 1 SIM card + 1 SD card for additional storage capacity

4500 mAh Battery

4500 mAh long-lasting powerful battery