Use your Main Number to log into all apps. All calls and messages to all other numbers will be received by the main number. All outbound calls and messages will be sent by the Main Number.

Main Number

Get Number in order to use it as main.
Receive calls and messages sent to these numbers automatically when you log into the app with your Main Number.

Other Number(s)

Pls note that voicemail is not secure or encrypted. Pls use at your own risk


Emergency Services (911)

Activating Emergency Services is only available in the US, and it will add $1.99/ month fee to your existing subscription fees.

Pls note that this address will be the default address to which Emergency Services will be sent in the event that you are unable to verbally communicate your location. 4Freedom does not track your location and therefore will not have the ability to communicate your location in the event of an emergency. By activating this functionality, you agree to hold 4Freedom harmless in any event requiring emergency services.

Please edit your location in order to complete Emergency Services (911) activation.
Please note that if you call 911 without first activating Emergency Services on your number, you will have to pay a government fine of $175.

To exit this screen, please tap the My Account button.

Please wait while 4Freedom processes your request.

To use 4Freedom Mobile, please Get a SIM.

Without a 4Freedom SIM, you will be unable to use 4Freedom  Mobile.