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QuickStart Guide


Which device are you using?

If you have a 4Freedom Secure Phone or a 4Freedom Secure Phone Pro, please follow the instructions at the link below:

If you are using another manufacturer’s phone, then please follow the instructions below.

Getting Started with 4Freedom Mobile is as easy as 1, 2, 3

1.) Activate your 4Freedom Secure SIM

a.) Before installing your SIM card or eSIM, you must activate it.

  • Log into My Account
  • Tap “Manage SIM”
  • Next to the SIM card or eSIM you want to install, tap the “Activate” button.

After you have activated your SIM card or eSIM, then you can proceed to install your SIM card or eSIM in your phone.

2.) Install your 4Freedom Secure SIM

a.) Installing a SIM card

To install a SIM card on your device, please follow your device manufacturer’s instructions.


b.) Installing an eSIM

Before attempting to install an eSIM, please confirm that your phone supports eSIM technology by tapping this link: Devices that Support eSIM

Once you have confirmed that your device supports eSIM technology, please follow the instructions below.

  • Log into My Account
  • Tap “Manage SIM”
  • Next to your eSIM, tap the icon that looks like a QR code
  • Using the device on which you wish to install the eSIM, use your device’s camera to scan the QR code
  • Your device’s OS should automatically initiate the eSIM installation process.


Troubleshooting: My eSIM did not install

If your eSIM failed to install automatically, then there are two possibilities:

  • Your device may be locked by the carrier from whom you purchased it. Please contact that carrier to unlock your device.
  • Your device may not support eSIM technology. Please check at this link: Devices that Support eSIM


Note: If you are using any 4Freedom Secure SIM, other than the “US & Europe SIM Card”

Please configure your phone to work with the 4Freedom Secure Mobile Network by following the instructions at the links below:


3.) Start using the 4Freedom App

Just log into the 4Freedom App with your 4Freedom Private Number and Password, and you should be able to immediately start making calls and sending messages.

If you have not yet downloaded the 4Freedom App, you may do so by tapping this link: Get the 4Freedom App




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To use 4Freedom Mobile, please Get a SIM.

Without a 4Freedom SIM, you will be unable to use 4Freedom  Mobile.