• For Services
    • In the US all mobile providers are obligated to charge several different government taxes and fees on mobile services in addition to the local sales tax. 
    • These taxes and fees normally add up to 35% or more of the base price for most operators (both AT&T and Verizon charge between 30% and 45%, depending on local regulations). 
    • These operators normally include “tax administration fees” and other fees that actually go to cover their own costs. 
    • 4Freedom Mobile does not, which is part of the reason we are able to charge only 25% of taxes and fees on our services. 


  • For Products
    • The 25% taxes and fees on products include sales tax, as well as shipping and handling to deliver the products to you. 
    • As 4Freedom Mobile ships anywhere in the world, and we make a point of remaining ignorant of who you are or where you are located, we charge the same percentage to all of our customers and take the risk that it will all work out in the end to cover our actual shipping costs. 
    • While that may mean some customers overpay on shipping and/or taxes or even both, it also means that other customers pay less – and all of our customers are able to remain completely anonymous.

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