4Freedom Messenger is for anyone who wants fast, secure, and reliable instant messaging and calls to anywhere in the world, even with slow, noisy, or overcrowded internet.

For the traveler on a budget
4Freedom Messenger easily adapts to slow internet and crowded WiFi. Users can use 4Freedom Messenger on the go, without worrying about expensive roaming or bad internet. All you need is working WiFi to make free audio and video calls on 4Freedom Messenger. And you can also save money, by turning on the “Low Data Usage” mode.

For the journalist, activists, lawyers, etc.
Designed for security, 4Freedom Messenger is for transferring confidential files and having private calls and messaging with peace of mind that no one is listening in on your communications.

For the 21st-century human being
For anyone concerned about their communications being spied on, their personal data being collected or sold, and for everyone who needs a communication platform for work, family, friends, networks, and social life. 4Freedom Messenger provides high-quality audio calls with crystal clear voice and video calls with uninterrupted and realistic video. You can have safe group messages with colleagues or friends, without having to worry about security or your data appearing on the internet. 4Freedom Messenger is also for companies and communities that need complete enterprise security in an easy-to-use platform to protect communications across teams, and with clients and partners.

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