After entering (or not entering) your name and photo, 4Freedom Messenger will ask for permission to use your contacts and notifications (for iOS) and contacts and storage (for Android).

Please note that the 4Freedom Messenger app does not maintain its own Contacts list. We believe that your Contacts, like all your other personal information, should remain yours. The 4Freedom Messenger app will ask for access so that you can use your contacts from the app to communicate. The 4Freedom Messenger app does not share your Contacts with any servers. All of your Contacts remain on your phone in your Contacts app and only there.

The first time you will make an audio call, the app will ask permission to use your microphone. Providing your microphone permission is the only way to make or receive calls. It has nothing to do with the app listening to or recording anything. 4Freedom never monitors any of your communications and never monitors your microphone.

The first time you make a video call, the 4Freedom Messenger app will ask permission to use your microphone and camera. Again, these are the only a way to make and receive video calls. 4Freedom never monitors any of your communications, never monitors your microphone or camera, and never records anything.

The first time you will attempt to send a photo or video from your photos on your device, the 4Freedom Messenger app will ask permission to use your photos.

Other than that, there are no other permissions that the 4Freedom Messenger app requests. At 4Freedom, we believe in Ignorance by Design, so we make every effort to ask for access to the bare minimum of resources required to make the app function, while at the same time not sharing any information from those resources with any servers or anything else, on your device or off.

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