You are in control of your conversations.

Unlike other messaging and communications apps, 4Freedom Messenger does not store or give out your personal information or messages to anyone, because we don’t have access to your messages in the first place. 4Freedom has been designed from the beginning to ensure that we can’t collect or have access to your communications, location, activity, or other personal information, thus eliminating the possibility of monitoring, intruder entry, or backdoors leading to your personal information.

4Freedom system is serverless
With our peer-to-peer technologies, your calls and messages are performed without a server or direct connection and are decentralized (there are no central servers that can be attacked, shut down, or forced to turn over data).

3 levels of robust encryption
Unlike other messaging and communications apps, 4Freedom encrypts the entire communications chain with multi-level, military-grade encryption, ensuring the complete confidentiality and authenticity of calls and messages, even across the most vulnerable or hostile networks.

With 4Freedom Mobile you consume 6x less data
4Freedom cares about your MBs. You can make high-quality calls on 4Freedom for up to 7 minutes using a single Megabyte of bandwidth. To spend less data, you just need to turn on the ‘Low Data Usage’ mode from your app Settings.

Works with any internet speed
Always stay connected. 4Freedom enables you to have clean, high-quality audio and video calls even in poor/noisy networks.

4Freedom will never advertise and never collect or sell your data, ever.
4Freedom is supported 100% by subscriptions. Because of this, 4Freedom has no need to advertise to our users. We started 4Freedom  with the sole purpose of empowering you to take back control of your personal information – enabling you to enjoy the convenience of a digital lifestyle without having to give up your free will. Built from the ground up with Ignorance by Design at its core, 4Freedom will never collect your personal information or monitor your communications in any way. And because we never collect your data, we can’t sell it, the government can’t demand it and hackers can’t steal it.

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