The process to subscribe and start using 4Freedom Mobile works as follows:

  • Option 1: Order a 4Freedom Secure Phone + subscription
    • If you would like to order a 4Freedom Secure Phone, then please go to https://www.4freedommobile.com//phones/ and select the one you want. You will then automatically be taken to the next step.
    • Note: you can always just order a subscription for now and then come back later and order a 4Freedom Secure Phone.
  • Options 2: Order subscription without 4Freedom Secure Phone
    • If you do not want to order a 4Freedom Secure Phone – you just want to use 4Freedom Mobile with your current iOS or Android device, then please go directly to https://www.4freedommobile.com//catalog/ 
  • Purchase a Subscription
    • Select a subscription plan
    • Create an Account
  • Please note that a user should only have one subscription per account – do NOT purchase more than one subscription on a single account
  • Checkout
  • If you have a coupon code, please tap the link at the top of the page to enter it.
  • Please note that if your shopping cart shows more than one subscription in it, please tap the red X next to the unwanted subscriptions
  • Your shopping cart will then refresh without those subscriptions.
  • Once you will have just one subscription in your shopping cart, then you should proceed with the transaction.
  • Verify Email Address
    • After you have completed the purchase transaction, you will be asked to verify your email address. Please check your inbox for the email from 4Freedom Mobile, open it, and tap the link to verify your email address.
    • After you will verify your email address, you will automatically be taken to the login screen for My Account. If you are not automatically taken there, then please go to https://www.4freedommobile.com//my-account/ and log into your account using the email address and password you used to purchase the subscription.
  • 4Freedom Mobile Start-Up Process
  • Select a 4Freedom Private Number – this is a new, anonymous number that every subscriber receives. You will use it to log into the 4Freedom Mobile app, and you may use it to make and receive calls too.
    • You may accept the number proposed by the system
    • Or you may select a new number by area code or location
  • Order SIM 
  • You may order an eSIM or a SIM card.
  • Before ordering an eSIM, please make sure that your device will actually support eSIM technology. If it is not shown on the following website, then your device does not support eSIM technology: ESIM Supported Devices As Of February 2022 (esim2fly.com) 
  • If you select a SIM card and do not get asked to enter a delivery address, then pls go back. You accidentally selected an eSIM if you did not get asked to enter a delivery address. Please select a SIM card and enter your delivery address. If you will be taken to the checkout screen, please remove the eSIM from your cart and then complete the transaction. 
  • Download the 4Freedom Mobile(Volta) app 

Once you have completed the set-up process, you can immediately log into the 4Freedom Mobile app and start making calls and sending messages, as long as your device will have internet access. Please note that for security reasons, 4Freedom Mobile is a data-only service. 4Freedom Mobile does not support traditional Voice and SMS services, as these technologies are not secure. All phone calls and text messages should be made and received through the 4Freedom Mobile app. Your “Phone” and “Messages” apps will not work on your mobile phone when you are using only the 4Freedom Mobile service.

  • Install SIM
    • Activate SIM
      • After you will receive your SIM card or download your eSIM, please go to My Account > Manage SIM and tap the “Activate” button next to your SIM. 
      • If asked, please enter the last 4 digits of the number printed on your SIM card and select the SIM number that matches the one on your card. 
    • If you have a physical SIM card, then please insert it into your phone.
    • Configure your phone to work with the Volta Wireless secure mobile service:
  • Optional: Port In Existing Number
    • After you have completed the 4Freedom Mobile Start-Up process, then you can port in your existing phone number, if you would like.
    • Note: you do not have to port in your existing number if you do not want to do so.
    • Please log into My Account
    • Please tap the button “Port In Number”
    • Please provide all of the requested account information for your current provider.
      • Your current provider requires that we provide this info when submitting the port-in request to prove that it is a valid request.
      • Please feel free to call your current provider to verify that the information you are entering is accurate. 
    • Once you will submit this form, the port-in process can take as long as 1 – 2 weeks, although it may happen much faster. It really depends on your current provider.
    • After you port in your current number, you will then be able to use both your 4Freedom Private Number and your current number by signing in to whichever number you wish to use at the time, to make and receive calls and messages on the same device through the 4Freedom Mobile app.

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To use 4Freedom Mobile, please Get a SIM.

Without a 4Freedom SIM, you will be unable to use 4Freedom  Mobile.