Every minute of everyday tech companies, government agencies, network operators, cyber criminals, and others are using your mobile devices to collect your personal information – your location, communications, internet activity, financial activity, relationships, beliefs, interests – anything and everything they can siphon off from your mobile phone.

We started 4Freedom Mobile to change the way the technology game is played. At 4Freedom Mobile, we develop easy-to-use technology to empower you to take back control of your personal information – to enjoy the convenience of a digital lifestyle without having to give up your personal information to anyone.

Unlike other providers, we develop our tools and services with Ignorance by Design at the core from the very beginning. This means that we can never collect any information on you or your activity. Because we don’t collect your information, we can’t sell it, the government can’t request it and hackers can’t steal it.

Why should you have to give up your personal information, just to enjoy the convenience of a digital lifestyle?

Now you don’t. Now you have a choice. Now you can Try 4Freedom and take back control

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