4Freedom Messenger is a highly secure communications platform that provides encrypted high-definition voice and video calls, as well as messaging and encrypted file transfer.

In a world where everyone’s data is siphoned from them, 4Freedom has created a secure space where people can talk to each other without worrying about unwanted listeners.

Multi-Level Encryption
4Freedom uses three levels of robust military-grade encryption algorithms that surpass the standards recommended by the NSA. With end-to-end encryption, your communications are protected from start to finish and your personal data stays yours.

Ignorance by Design
Unlike most providers, we don’t monitor your private information, location, or activities. From the outset, we’ve designed our systems to make it impossible for us to collect your data, so we can’t sell your information, the government can’t request it and hackers can’t steal it.

Secure File Transfer
View, download, transfer, and share all types of files securely with 4Freedom Mobile’s state-of-the-art cryptography. With 4Freedom Mobile you can transfer files of up to 50MB in size – more than 3X larger than other messaging services. Along with the large file transfer size, 4Freedom also transfers files 3X faster than other messaging apps.

Surveillance-Free Conversations
Speak freely with voice or video calls and messages knowing no one but the person you’re talking to can access your conversation, not even us.

Multimedia and Group Messaging
Instantly exchange text messages, photos, videos, voice/video recordings, GIFs, and any other files with one friend or up to 50 friends at the same time with 4Freedom. Voice and video messages can be recorded with a single tap.

Always High-Speed and HD
With 4Freedom, internet speed is now irrelevant. Whether you’re on a slow 2G or Edge cellular network or crowded public WiFi, enjoy clear voice and video with no buffering, no interruptions, and no limited bandwidth.

Easy to Use
With 4Freedom, you don’t have to sacrifice your personal information for the convenience of a digital lifestyle. It’s never been easier to take back control of your personal information. Start taking back control of your personal information with just one tap!

Try 4Freedom today and take back control!

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