Tech companies, mobile operators, government agencies, cybercriminals, and others are all constantly siphoning off your personal data and selling it to third parties without caring who those third parties are or how they plan to use your data.

Some of these third parties use your personal data to determine your insurance premiums, your interest rates on your loans, and even what information you are allowed to see – what news articles and what search results you get.
Why should you have to give up your personal information, your free will, and your freedom to think and do what you want, just to enjoy the convenience of a digital lifestyle?

We started 4Freedom Mobile with the sole purpose of empowering you to take back control of your personal information – enabling you to enjoy the convenience of a digital lifestyle without having to give up your free will.
With today’s portfolio of technologies and services, Volta empowers you to:

Communicate and share information, including files, without worrying about your conversations being intercepted
Limit the ability of browsers, websites, apps, government agencies, and network operators to track our activity across devices

Send and receive money anonymously to anyone, almost anywhere in the world without anyone monitoring and collecting your transaction history

Stay connected using the latest 5G and WiFi networks while remaining invisible to others on those networks and even to the network operators themselves

Try 4Freedom today and take back control!

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