What you do is nobody’s business. 4Freedom Mobile refuses to collect any of your information or activity. It’s simple: your personal information will never fall into the wrong hands because we don’t collect your personal information, to begin with.

To ensure that not even we can collect your communications, activity or other personal information, we have designed 4Freedom Mobile from the very beginning with ‘Ignorance by Design’.

4Freedom Mobile is designed so that it is impossible for us to access, collect or sell your personal information. By intentionally remaining ignorant, we are helping to ensure the safety of important information that could easily be abused by corporations, the government, cyber criminals, and others.

4Freedom Mobile’s ignorance by design prevents us from accessing and collecting your everyday activity. This includes:

• Activity Logs
o Your physical location
o IP addresses
o Browsing history
o Downloaded files
o Software used
o Data transferred

• Connection Logs
o When you connect to the internet
o How much bandwidth you use
o Connection duration
o Timestamps
o Metadata
o DNS queries

• Communication Logs
o Your contacts
o Whom you call
o How long you speak
o Content of your calls and messages
o What files you transfer

• Financial Activity Logs
o Where you shop and eat
o What you buy
o How you pay
o How much you spend
o To whom you send money
o From whom you receive money

• Other Information
o What news articles you read
o Whom you follow
o What articles you share and with whom
o What reactions you post
o How long you spend viewing posts

These are the same pieces of personal information that tech companies, network operators, government agencies, and others collect from your mobile device every day. 4Freedom Mobile empowers you to limit their ability to collect this information, and 4Freedom Mobile’s ignorance by design ensures we can’t collect it either – putting you in control of your personal information and communications.

Try 4Freedom today and take back control!

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