• 4Freedom Secure Phone – secure hardware with a secure OS (no tracking by Google or Apple); secure updates directly from 4Freedom Mobile; ability to use any Android app b/c the 4Freedom OS is based on a de-Googled version of Android. Apps can be downloaded from Aurora, which allows you to download anything available on the Google Play store without letting Google know who you are.


  • 4Freedom Secure Phone Pro – Has 2 modes: 1.) Just like 4Freedom Secure Phone – as shown above, 2.) Pro Mode – phone re-boots into a separate OS environment so you can put apps that you want to not have any interaction with anything else – for example, your crypto wallet. Also contains an encrypted file storage area and an encrypted calendar. And the Pro phone also has an app that allows you to turn off certain parts of your phone (i.e. – the GPS or microphone) so that they will be completely shut down and not able to operate until you turn them back on again through the controller app.

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