A VPN is one of the best ways to mask your online activity. When using a VPN, your data connection is encrypted, so mobile operators, ISPs, governments, cybercriminals, and other third parties cannot see the websites you visit, the messages you send, and the files you download. A VPN also hides your IP address, helping to hide your location from websites and others that utilize your IP address to determine your location.

Unfortunately, many providers of VPN services do not invest as heavily in developing their VPN infrastructure as 4Freedom Mobile (Volta). As a result, users often experience slow-downs in their internet connections.

Worse, many providers of VPN services actually monitor their users’ activity and collect all their users’ personal data themselves, using it to advertise to their users, as well as selling their users’ data to companies, governments, and other third parties without caring who they are or even how they plan to use that personal data.

We founded 4Freedom Mobile with the sole purpose of empowering you to take back control of your personal information – enabling you to enjoy the convenience of a digital lifestyle without having to give up your free will.

With that objective in mind, we made the decision early on that Volta will never collect our users’ personal information. Because we don’t collect our users’ personal information, we can’t sell it, the government can’t demand it and cybercriminals can’t steal it.

As a part of that decision to never collect our members’ personal information, 4Freedom Mobile made the decision to develop all of our technologies and services based on ‘Ignorance by Design’. This industry term means that all of 4Freedom Mobile’s technologies and services are designed so that even if someone (i.e. – the government) tried to force us to collect your data, we do not have access to any of our member’s personal information or internet activity. As a result, we can never provide that information to anyone, and hackers can never break into our systems and steal it.

4Freedom Mobile ensures that you are protected, even from us. And 4Freedom Mobile(Volta) Protect helps prevent unwanted eyes from spying on you and tracking your every move online. With 4Freedom Mobile(Volta) Protect;

  • Your IP address stays private, helping you to mask your location from websites and others that use your IP address to determine where you are.
  • All of your internet activity will be encrypted, using our cutting-edge encryption algorithms that surpass the recommendations of the NSA.
  • And you will be connected to one of our 5000+ servers in 16 countries worldwide, ensuring you always have the fastest connection possible.

4Freedom Mobile(Volta) Protect conceals your IP address, hiding your true location, while encrypting all of your online activity, and our wide range of servers around the world ensure you have the fastest possible connection – all together giving you the freedom to safely browse the internet whenever you want to from wherever you are.

With 4Freedom Mobile(Volta) Protect, your personal data stays right where it belongs – in your control.

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