Activate Volta Private Network VPN with just one click, and you will hide your IP address and encrypt your internet activity with AES-256 encryption, the same standard recommended by the NSA for Top Secret communications.

With 4Freedom Mobile, you can trust that your online activity will not be monitored by anyone, not even us. No one (including us), will know when you go online, the servers, IP addresses, websites you visit, the content you download, or even how much time you spend online.

In addition, 4Freedom Mobile provides DNS Leak Protection – a feature that not all data protection services or VPNs offer. Once Volta Private Network VPN has connected, your device will only use DNS servers operated by 4Freedom Mobile. This security measure will keep your traffic from exposure to mobile operators, internet service providers, and hackers, who may be watching your network.

You don’t need a Ph.D. in cybersecurity to use Volta Private Network VPN – just activate it with just the touch of a button. One click and you can stop anyone from tracking your internet activity.

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