Signing in/out of 4Freedom Mobile Messenger

To sign in, simply open the app → enter your number → enter your password

To sign out of your account go to app Settings → Your Profile section → Sign Out. When signing out the 4Freedom Mobile (Volta) Messenger app will ask you whether you want to: Keep History or Delete History.

  • Keep History means you would like the app to save your calls/messages, etc. so that they can be accessed by you when you will sign back into the app on the same device.
  • Delete History means you would like the app to erase all of your histories on your device, meaning that information will no longer be accessible, even after you sign back into the same device.

Transferring my chat history using the same device

Keep History or Delete History works when you’re signing into the same device you signed out of.

Signing into a different device

To use your account on a different device, simply sign into your account on the new device and start using it. Please note though that if you choose to sign into the same account from another device, you will automatically be signed out of the first device (with your history saved). Also, if you will later sign back into the first device, you will not have any access to any calls or chats made while using the second device.

As a part of 4Freedom Mobile’s Ignorance by Design, the 4Freedom Mobile Messenger app does not share any of your histories (calls, texts, etc.) off of your device, ever. As a result, there is currently no option to transfer your call or chat history between devices. So if you’re going to change your device, your history will be deleted either way. This may not be convenient for some users, we understand, but our serverless system has been developed with the goal of providing the most secure communications platform available on the market today. We prioritize security in all our decisions.





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