One of the founding principles of 4Freedom Mobile is what we call our “No Logs” policy. This means that we refuse to collect, store or sell any of your personal data. Your email address, and phone number, are the only information we collect, solely for the purpose of providing you services.

As a part of our No Logs policy, 4Freedom Mobile has also made the decision to build “Ignorance by Design” into all of our technologies and services, meaning that it is impossible for us to access any of your personal information – your location, IP address, internet activity or any other personal information.

To prove that we do not collect your data in any way, we have engaged a professional audit firm to conduct an audit of all of our technology platforms. As soon as that audit will be complete, we will post a summary of the audit results on our website for you to review.

4Freedom Mobile empowers you to keep your information exactly where it should be – in your control.

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