Is Snapchat secure

Is Snapchat Secure to Use in 2024?

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One of the most popular messaging apps, Snapchat, has 406 million users as of 2023. Another study shows that they have 750 million monthly active users on Snapchat.

Snapchat comes with preloaded features, which teenagers and younger adults mostly favor. Also, these features are easy to use with frequent updates.

Still, these stunning numbers don’t confirm the security of this renowned messaging platform, and the question arises – “How secure is Snapchat”?

To address this question, we will dig deeper into Snapchat’s working procedure and assess its risks.

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How Does Snapchat Work

To understand how safe it is, you should first understand the functionalities of Snapchat. Here’s how it works-

1. Signing Up

Initially, you should sign up on Snapchat for an account. You can download the app from the iOS app store or Google Play Store. Now, create a username and password and log in. Add friends by searching with their username or syncing the phone contacts.

2. Sending Snaps

The primary feature of Snapchat is sending snaps, which involves videos and photos. It disappears after a few moments. Tap the camera button in the screen center to send a snap to your friend. Now, capture a photo or video. You can add sticker filters to your snap before sending it.

3. Chatting with People

You can also chat with your friends along with sending snaps to your friends. Click on a friend’s name and swipe right to send photos, text messages and videos. However, videos won’t disappear after a few seconds.

4. Snap Maps

This interactive map enables users to share their location with their friends. Users can use the Snap Map to check public stories across the globe, helping them to engage with new content. However, location sharing is not mandatory. You can switch to Ghost mode whenever you want.

5. Stories

It’s one of the popular features of Snapchat, which is are Snap collection. Click a snap and tap on the “Add to My Story Button”. You can also check others’ stories by swiping left on the camera screen.

How Secure is Snapchat? Some Privacy Controversies About Snapchat

You’re still lagging behind if you think that Snapchat is a secure messaging platform. In the following paragraphs, we will uncloak some privacy concerns that will overwhelm you!

1. Dissemination of Revenge Porn

During the rapid breakdown of COVID-19 in France, Snapchat emerged as a revenge platform by spreading pornographic images to tarnish the image of underage girls. Another case raised the vulnerabilities of using Snapchat when a woman in the USA sued Snapchat and its features. She has been raped, and the alleged rapist tried to hide the evidence.

2. Data Collection Abuse

Another shocking incident revealed that a few Snapchat employees used a tool known as SnapLion to collect users’ data illegally. However, the tool was designed to accumulate data compliant with law enforcement requests.

3. SnapMap Privacy Issues

Released in June 2017, SnapMap helps a user to broadcast his/her location. However, this feature shares the user’s present location whenever he/she opens the application, potentially helping stalkers.

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What are the risks of Using Snapchat?

Inappropriate Content Exposure

Unmanaged and unfiltered content on Snapchat is available for all users. You may access the same accidentally, which may increase its vulnerability.

Privacy Issues

The disappearing messages feature of Snapchat makes it more difficult to access the chats later if needed. This creates an impulsiveness within a user to share things randomly, assuming no record will be left. However, this is not the case every time.

Addiction to Share

Snapchat can create an addiction to constantly share snaps, maintain Snapstreaks and participate in various contests/challenges. This can lead to over-sharing of personal data. Scammers can use this data to blackmail you or to tarnish your image.


Paired with inappropriate content, fraudsters can bully, harass or mock you. If you don’t know how to adjust the privacy settings, you won’t be able to defend yourself. 

Dealing with Strangers

Fraudsters use social media platforms to make scams until any strict action is taken against them. If you interact with these strangers and disclose your personal information accidentally, chances are higher that it may be dangerous for your privacy.

How to Use Snapchat Safely?

  • Open your privacy settings and enable “Two-Factor Authentication.”
  • Control the visibility of your stories.
  • Allow your friends to contact you only.
  • Don’t show yourself on Quick Add.
  • Keep the application up-to-date.
  • Don’t upload private pictures or send private messages.
  • Don’t add random friends.
  • Use Snapchat with a VPN to safeguard your information. You can start using 4Freedom VPN which protects your personal information to help you save from any untoward situation.


1. Is the Snapchat Cameras Secure?

Snapchat cameras aren’t safe and can be hacked anytime. Spyware programs like Hermit and Pegasus can be deployed on your camera. This way, the hackers can turn your sweet browsing experience into a nightmare by taking pictures and listening to your conversations.

2. Is Snapchat Safe for Kids and Teens?

This messaging platform is secure for teens and kids if one uses it correctly. However, there is the chance of getting blackmailed, as teens and kids can share personal information unknowingly.

3. Which Social Media Platform is Safer- Telegram or Snapchat?

Both platforms can be vulnerable if not used with proper caution. Telegram has its own privacy concerns related to disclosing personal information and the absence of end-to-end encryption by default.

On the other hand, Snapchat’s features like SnapMap and SnpaStreak can be vulnerable if not used properly due to its privacy issues.  

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