Is telegram secure

Is Telegram Secure? A Look at Telegram’s Encryption Protocol

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The modern smartphone is equipped with multiple messaging apps used to serve various purposes.

Telegram is one of them, catering since its inception. According to Bankmycell, this application was downloaded 33.52 million times worldwide in February 2023. This staggering number shows the popularity of this messaging app across the globe.

From its in-app fun stickers to convenient multi-device sync, Telegram is challenging its competitors with its top-notch features. But the question remains- How safe is Telegram for daily usage?

We can’t just conclude anything based on rumors and misleading information. Instead, delving deeper into the facts will help the users to reveal the TRUTH.

Understanding the same will enable you to safeguard your data and privacy while using Telegram.

Before investigating the security of Telegram, let’s have a brief introduction of Telegram..

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What’s Telegram App Used For?

Telegram app is a versatile platform that provides users with a safe and secure platform for sending and receiving text messages, videos, images and files. This app offers various features, including group chats, channels, bots etc., which help the users to stay connected with their near and dear ones. Additionally, this app offers voice and video calls with other telegram users. 

How Safe is Telegram?

Developed by Pavel Durov, Telegram was released in 2013. The success of this popular messaging platform underlies its powerful encryption mechanisms, which prioritize privacy.  According to Statista, it has more than 800 million users worldwide. However, critics across the globe still ask about the security of Telegram. Let’s take a look at its safety features-

Message Encryption

Telegram encrypts your private messages. However, not all of them have been encrypted. This is considered a big loophole when it comes to providing complete security.

Relatively Independent Application

Unlike Messenger and WhatsApp, which belong to Meta, Telegram is less dependent on marketing influences.

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Multiple Online Safety Features

These features include security protocols, secret chats, and self-destructing messaging capability, providing a shield from prying eyes.

The developers of Telegram claim that their product is protected. However, it has a number of pitfalls. These bottlenecks are restraining the users from using Telegram. In the following paragraphs, we will be discussing the same.

6 Disadvantages of Telegram You Don’t Know Yet

No doubt that Telegram is a popular messaging app, but it has a few loopholes, especially in the privacy section.  Iraq has already restricted Telegram due to its privacy concerns. Do you also use Telegram for work/ business purposes? Consider the following reasons before sending the following message-

1. Collects Contact Data

Most of the users need to be made aware of the fact that Telegram gathers contact data from your phone. The company claims it does the same to notify you when someone from your contact list joins Telegram. This messaging app only stores the initial and last names of the contacts’ phone numbers. This data collection may be unsafe as you may have essential contact data, already saved in your phone.

2. Chats Aren’t End-to-End Encrypted by Default

If you’ve recently joined Telegram, you may assume all the chats are end-to-end encrypted by default, like the other popular messaging platforms. That’s not true. Telegram encrypts the messages once the messages travel between your device and the server. These messages will be on the server, so you can access them from other devices. This increases the chances of your messages being exposed.

You have to start this feature manually. If you forget to start or a user begins a non-secret chat, you will miss privacy protections.

3. Leaks IP Addresses

Telegram can leak your device’s IP address once you unknowingly establish a connection with a hacker. According to Denis Simonov, a security researcher, “ An unprepared user can easily divulge his/her IP address to the interlocuter, if the person has no idea about it.” However, a Telegram spokesperson claims that Telegram uses a peer-to-peer connection for reduced latency and better quality of calls. Still, you don’t want to use an application that leaks your IP address. Moving forward, it will make your device vulnerable, and you will be completely unaware of it.

4. Reports of Phishing Scams

Of late, the reports of malware spreading and phishing scams are being spectated through Telegram channels. Additionally, there are off-platform scams and bot attacks to steal your personal information.

5. Crypto Scams

Telegram is now one of the popular platforms for people interested in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Cybercriminals target these users to get access to their crypto wallets and transfer their Ethereum, bitcoin and other coins.

6. Risk of Data Breach

Your stored data may fall into the wrong hands due to cyber-attacks. In June 2019, a DDoS or denial-of-service attack occurred. The targeted users were mainly from Hong Kong and the US. Another attack occurred when unknown hackers exposed Telegram users’ details. This information includes names, phone numbers and unique profile identifiers.

7. Promotes Illegal Content

Telegram is used to spread illegal content, including propaganda and criminal practices by fraudsters. For example, the ISIS members used Telegram to spread propaganda. They also used this app to recruit the attackers of the Christmas market in Berlin. Also, Telegram is used for content piracy by the scammers.   

Should You Use Telegram?

What do you think after reading the above points? Is Telegram a secure messaging platform? The answer is yes once you use it carefully. To eliminate the risks, you must take some precautions. Start using 4Freedom VPN, which has multiple features to safeguard your data from cyber-attacks. Specifically,4FreedomVPN will protect you from dangerous links, third-party trackers and dangerous links. Start secure chatting with 4FreedomVPN!


1. Is Telegram Safe from Scammers?

If you enable two-factor authentication and other security measures like privacy settings and adjusted security, the hackers will find it difficult to hack your Telegram account. However, some information may get leaked and will be used by the hackers.

2. Is Telegram Chats Encrypted?

Yes. However, it’s only applied to secret chats on Telegram. Still, group and private chats can be accessed through Telegram servers.

3. Is Telegram Safer than WhatsApp?

Telegram’s code is open-source. This means that no third parties can steal the data. However, you should take preventive measures to safeguard the data. You can use 4Freedom VPN to protect your Telegram account.

4. Is Telegram Safe to Send Photos?

Telegram is considered for sending pictures as it uses end-end encryption for private chats. This means that only the sender and receiver can read the messages. However, regular chats are not end-to-end encrypted by default. You can use the “secret chat” feature in Telegram to ensure maximum privacy for the pictures, as this feature provides an extra layer of security by enabling end-to-end encryption. 

5. Is Telegram Safe to Download?

Yes, it’s safe to download. However, you should use this renowned messaging app with 4FreedomVPN for an extra layer of security. Always download this application from trusted sources like Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Additionally, always update the version to benefit from the latest security patches. 

6. Does Telegram Have End-to-End Encryption?

Yes, it offers end-to-end encryption for secret chat features. However, regular chats aren’t end-to-end encrypted by default. 

8. Does Telegram Show Your Number?

Once you sign up for Telegram, you can provide a phone number to create your account. However, you can control who can see your phone number in the privacy settings.

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