Free International Calls Using VOIP

7 Applications to Make Free International Calls Using VoIP (Don’t miss the first one)

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international calls are the only way to bridge the communication gap for those who stay abroad.

The telecom operators charge a hefty amount to call somebody who resides in a foreign country.

Also, the call quality sometimes isn’t great even after spending your hard-earned bucks.

Free international comes into the picture with unlimited minutes and long-distance phone plans. You can make calls to any country in the world to connect with your friends and family.

If you’re wondering how to make free international calls, this blog is meant for you. Before delving deeper, let’s look at how the evolving technology makes the calling procedure simple and quick.

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Introducing VoIP- the best technology to do free international calls

VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol is a technology that enables users to make voice calls over the Internet instead of using the service of local telecom providers. The working procedure of VoIP is simple. It converts the voice data into digital packets and transmits the same over IP network.


Here are a few key aspects of VoIP:

  • Calls can be made using a broadband internet connection or mobile data over the application.
  • It bypasses the PSTN and traditional telephone networks.
  • Enables data and voice integration services.
  • Leverages the compression of voice packet efficient transmission.


How VoIP is fueling the usage of free international calling apps

VoIP offers a wide array of advantages when making free international calls. Here you go:

1. Flexibility

This technology provides flexibility in how users make free international calls. For example, 4FreedomMobile allows users to call directly from the Android and IOS apps (Learn more below). Irrespective of the location and device, users can make calls using VoIP to connect with their friends and families.

2. Pocket-friendly

VoIP calls are cheaper than traditional calls as the calls are transported over the internet. Users only need to pay for their internet connection. Also, it offers flat monthly rates for unlimited calling. Thus, the users can save their hard-earned money without spending per-minute bill of traditional calls.

3. Seamless business calls

You need to communicate with them occasionally if you’re running a business with a worldwide customer base. Failing the same may lead to the loss of a potential customer. Free international calls are pivotal in establishing a connection between you and your customer.

With VoIP, your calling will be seamless as it’s the topmost priority to improve the bottom-line result. An international calling app will help you do it effectively without compromising the call quality.

4. 24*7 connectivity

International calling app provides the flexibility to call anywhere, anytime and over any cellular network. It benefits business owners who should remain in touch with their partners, clients and customers.

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Applications that will Make your Free International Calling Experience a Breeze

Now, you’re familiar with the technology that free international calling apps use. Let’s look at a few applications to take your calling experience to the next level. Here you go:

1. 4Freedommobile

With its exceptional free international calling, 4FreedomMobile is popular among the community. Its user-friendly interface and advanced functionalities make it one of the best international calling apps. It offers competitive pricing plans tailored for personal and professional use.

Key Features

  • Make free international calls like a normal phone call
  • International roaming is free in over 200 countries. Also, you will get high-speed data in over 80 countries.
  • Make or receive encrypted voice/video calls, messages, and file transfers of up to 1,000 people.
  • Handle your social media profiles without allowing them to collect your data from your cell phone.
  • Make safe and secure mobile payments to anyone, anytime around the globe. No fees will be charged. No one will monitor your payments.
  • You can safely browse the internet and apps with 4freedom VPN. It encrypts the internet activity while hiding your IP address.

Pricing Plans

It offers three plans tailored to fit your needs. Here you go-

1. Base Plan (Apps only)

Starting from $6.99 monthly, it will keep your telecom service provider. Also, it will secure your smartphone.

2. Standard Plan (Apps+ mobile services)

$12.50 monthly. It provides coverage across the USA. Also, you can avail the benefits of free international calling. This package provides top-notch security services for all the apps installed on your phone. Secure your phone from being tracked by the spammers.

3. Premium Plan ( Phone+ apps+ mobile services )

This package costs $17.50/month. You can replace your existing service provider with a new secure phone. Secure hardware & OS will never be compromised with any vulnerabilities. Like the standard plan, you will also get coverage across the USA.

Available Platforms

  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS

2. Skype

Skype is one of the most popular apps to make free international calls. Since 2011, it is owned by Microsoft. It has many useful features to help you make seamless international calls. However, you can make free international calls between Skype users. If you want to make a non-skype call, you must avail of Skype’s subscription plans. 

Key Features

  • HD quality audio and video calling.
  • You can make calls for both Skype and Non-Skype numbers.
  • You can share the device screen for presentations.
  • Enables you to record calls.
  • You will get unlimited minutes of international calling.

Pricing Plan

The rates of the Skype calling plan depend on the country and region you’re calling from. For example, in the USA, a monthly subscription starts from $6.99 for unlimited calls to mobile and landline. In the UK, monthly subscriptions start from euro 8.39. Also, a pay-as-you-go plan starts from 1.6 cents per minute.

Available Platforms

  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • iOS
  • Web

3. Whatsapp

A Facebook-owned platform, which was initially used for chatting. However, they introduced voice calling 2015 so users can make international free calls. You and the recipient should install WhatsApp with a decent internet connection on the respective devices. Also, you can make video calls through WhatsApp, introduced in 2016.

Additionally, you can do group international voice and video calls through this platform. Rest assured, you will enjoy HD voice and video clarity that will take your calling experience to the next level.

Key Features

  • You can do international free calls like a normal phone call.
  • Establish a group voice call having 32 recipients at a time.
  • Add a maximum of 8 recipients in a video call
  • Available on various platforms.

Pricing Plan

As of now, WhatsApp does not charge anything to use its services.

Available Platforms

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Web
  • Windows

4. Viber

If you’re still searching “how to make free international calls” on Google, Viber is here to make your international calling experience a cakewalk. It was initially launched for the iOS platform and then introduced for Android in 2012. It already has one billion-plus happy users worldwide.

Key Features

  • Make free international HD audio and video calls.
  • Initiate group voice and video calls that are conducive to a meeting.
  • Safe and secure

Pricing Plan

The basic version of Viber is free. However, you can make non-Viber calls, too, by purchasing Viber Out credits. Rates of these credits may vary depending on the country you’re calling.

Available Platforms

  • Android
  • iOS

5. Telegram

If you’re looking for a free international calling app, try Telegram. With 700+ million active users, it’s one of the most used calling and messaging platforms after WhatsApp. You can do international calls with a single click.

Key Features

  • Do free international calls to any country that supports HD audio.
  • You can also make video calls with 32 members.
  • Safe and secure app.
  • You can access this app on multiple devices at a time.

Pricing Plan

Free of cost.

Available Platforms

  • Android
  • iOS

6. VoIP Buster

It’s a reliable communication application helps users make international free voice calls with other VoipBuster users. Also, they can make low-cost calls to landlines and mobiles worldwide. It uses the VoIP technology to provide HD voice quality across the globe.

Key Features

  • Users can make free HD voice calls with another VoipBuster user worldwide.
  • Users will receive a virtual phone number. They can receive the same to receive incoming calls from anyone around the globe, even if the software isn’t installed on the phone.
  • Users can forward calls to other mobile numbers.
  • A voicemail service is provided with VoipBuster. It enables the callers to leave messages if they cannot reach the user.

Pricing Plan

Pay-as-you-go plan– It doesn’t require any monthly subscription fee. Users can add credit to their account whenever they need to call. However, the rates will vary based on the country being called.

Unlimited plan– This offers unlimited calls to some specific countries for a fixed fee. If you must make many calls, this would be your hard-earned long-term bucks.

Virtual number plan– Users can use a virtual phone number to receive incoming calls from anyone worldwide. This plan would be conducive to doing this effectively.

Available Platforms


7. Face Time

If you’re an iOS user and want to make free international calls, FaceTime would be the ideal option. You need a decent internet connection to make a call. The attention to detail provided by Apple makes us include this in the list.

Key Features

  • Spatial audio is available.
  • You can create a link to initiate a FaceTime call.
  • Screen sharing is available.
  • Share play and background blur are available.

Pricing Plan

Free of cost.

Available Platforms

  • iOS

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The Best International Calling Application Award Goes To

Now, you’re familiar with popular calling applications and their price points. Everyone provides a competitive rate for international calling; our choice is 4freedommobile. The packages are great for everyday usage, and it’s also pocket-friendly. If you’re going to use international calls for business or normal purposes, you can choose the plans of 4freedommobile. However, visit the website today and compare the plans with other apps to make an informed decision.


1. How to make free international calls on iPhone?

You can use Facetime to make free international calls on your iPhone. However, both parties should have an iOS platform, as FaceTime is only compatible with iOS.

2. How to make free calls from the Internet?

You can install any of the abovementioned applications to initiate an international call. You need a stable internet connection on your cellphone.

3. How do you make international calls with WhatsApp?

The voice calling feature on WhatsApp enables you to call your international contacts for free. It uses the cellphone’s internet connection to initiate a call.

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