Experience the Best Coverage in the US

Best Coverage

Only the 4Freedom Secure SIM enables you to access Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile in the US all from the same SIM, without sharing your data with any of them. The 4Freedom Secure SIM automatically connects to whichever network has the best signal in your location.

And when you’re on the move, only the 4Freedom Secure SIM automatically switches networks to maintain the best quality signal without ever dropping calls or losing messages.

The key to enabling this secure access to all 3 major US networks is correctly configuring your phone’s APN so that the 4Freedom Secure SIM will be able to securely connect to these networks without sharing your data with them.

To ensure your phone’s APN is configured correctly, 

  • For iOS, please click here
  • For Android, please click here

FREE International Roaming

With 4Freedom Mobile, you can stay connected no matter where your travels take you. 

Every 4Freedom Mobile subscription includes FREE international roaming in over 200 countries with access to unlimited high-speed data in over 80 countries.

And every 4Freedom subscription includes FREE international calling.

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