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The Best Coverage in The US And The World

Coverage on All 3 Major US Networks with a single SIM

The 4 Freedom SIM automatically switches to whichever network has the best signal in your location without ever dropping calls or losing messages.

Free International Roaming in over 200 countries 

Travel the world without ever losing contact with your friends and loved ones and without having to pay any additional fees. All subscriptions include FREE international roaming and FREE international calling. 

End-to-End Digital Security

Your phone is a GOLD MINE of valuable, personal information.

Tech companies, network operators, and hackers know this and are constantly trying to TRACK, STEAL, and SELL your private data including…


Your home address, workplace, and real-time location are all sold to advertisers.

Financial Information

Hackers target vulnerable apps to access to banking, and other financial data.

Private Messages

Personal calls, texts, and email data is readily available to the highest bidder.

Online Purchases

Mobile payment and e-commerce data is vulnerable to theft or resale.

Internet Activity

Every search you make and website you visit can be seen by network providers and ISPs.


Stolen usernames and passwords are sold to criminals for scams and identity theft.

How Does 4Freedom Deliver End-to-End Security?

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4Freedom Private Numbers

Get a new, anonymous number to make and receive calls and messages without providing any personal information.


Encrypted Communications

Make and receive encrypted voice calls, video calls, messages, and file transfers without worrying about unwanted listeners. 


Stop Social Media Data Collection

Use your favorite social media platforms without letting them collect any data from your mobile phone. 


Secure Internet & App Usage

Secure your browsing and app usage, while hiding your IP address, helping make sure no one can track you online. 

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Safe Mobile Payments

Make secure mobile payments to anyone, almost anywhere in the world with no fees and no one monitoring your financial transactions. 


AI-Managed Phone Security

Stop malware, spyware, and other phone hacks with the help of AI. 

Complete Digital Freedom

Military Grade Encryption

With 4Freedom, all your communications, internet activity, and app usage are encrypted using multiple layers of robust, military-grade encryption algorithms that surpass the standards used by the NSA.

No Data Collection

Sign up for 4Freedom without providing any personal information. 4Freedom never tracks you or collects any of your data. This means we can't sell it, hackers can't steal it, and governments can't demand it.

Complete Anonymity

When you use 4Freedom, you are completely anonymous. Unlike other SIM cards, the 4Freedom Secure SIM does not share any user information when it registers on a mobile network. So not even network operators will know your identity or phone number when you use their network.

Number of Lines:
1 +
Unlimited, Secure Talk, Text & Data

$- / line / month*
No Contract

Regularly $49 / line / month. Limited Time Only just $39 / month for first line + $10 for each additional line.  

Includes 10GB of high-speed data with access to unlimited high-speed data for $5 per GB after the first 10GB.

First month free with our 30-day money-back guarantee. Please see Terms & Conditions for details.

All Plans Include

Getting Started

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Select A Device

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Bring your own phone, or get the 4Freedom Secure Phone for ultimate security.

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Choose A Plan


Choose one of our Secure, Talk, Text & Data Plans or the Apps-Only plan.

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Create Account


Create your account with just a simple email address and password.

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Install the SIM & App


Install the 4Freedom Secure SIM on your device. Download the 4Freedom Mobile App.

Enjoy Complete Digital Freedom

Log into the app and start enjoying the best mobile coverage in the US and the world, along with life free from constant tracking, hacking, and data theft. Your phone is now secure.

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